How to link javadoc in eclipse

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How to link javadoc in eclipse

Here comes a little handy tip for today.

As Java developers have to work with many third party APIs and they frequently refer to their javadocs while doing their development. It comes very handy if you can refer to javadoc right from the IDE. So here you go if you want to do in eclipse.

Cheers Happy Development!

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Make Calls from Gmail

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

I am surprised when I opened my Gmail inbox today. What I see is a calling service service offered by Gmail!

This is what Google told us about

You can now place calls to landline and mobile phones from within Gmail. Just dial any phone number and you’ll be connected. Calls to the U.S. and Canada are free in 2010. International calls are billed at our insanely low rates.

You have to download a voice plug in for using this service

Google voice interface simple and sleek and it got lot of features

Google voice service is currently offered in US only. They have plan of expanding this to additional countries

Some handy features while using Google Docs

August 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I am very big fan of Google Docs like products which allow you to mange your stuff online so you can seamlessly work on them while at home, office or any where there is internet. Let me share you with some new and my favorite features of the product

Draggable rows and columns in document tables
Change row heights and column width in tables using sliders
Format painter in spreadsheets
You can now apply formatting or conditional formatting rules you’ve used on one set of cells to another separate set of cells using the Paint Format tool
Optical character recognition (OCR)
You can now upload and convert PDF or image files to text
Formula highlighting
Cell references and the corresponding cells are now highlighted to make it easier to keep track of your formulas

And what you can expect in future releases of the product, some of them to keep an eye on

New version of Google documents
A totally re-built version of Google documents that adds a lot of new features and makes editing much snappier. The new version has chat, character-by-character real time co-editing, and makes imports and exports much better
Re-size images
After you insert an image into a document, click on the image to bring up controls that let you scale the image’s size in any direction
Upload any file
Google will be rolling out the ability to upload, store, and share any file in Google Docs. Your files will be stored in their original format and down-loadable from anywhere. Uploading files to the cloud allows them to be safely stored and accessible at all times
Bulk upload
Upload multiple files quickly to your Docs list
Equation editor
Insert and edit mathematical equations and symbols in documents
DOCX Import
You can now import Word 2007 files (.docx) into Google Docs
List View and Mobile View Improvements
Now you can see your spreadsheets with all their formatting in List View and on your mobile device, this includes background/foreground colors, borders and text formatting!

Happy online collaboration !

Google Notebook Ended

August 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Google Notebook – is a free online application offered that allows users to save and organize clips of information while conducting research online.
The development of this service I have used some year earlier (2 Jun 2007 – This is what my last note on Google Notebook tell me). has been stopped. There is no new user signup but the good news is existing user can still use it. 
It has been a handy gadget while doing online surfing, but Google thinks that it is now part of good old days and they have to offer some new and enhanced products. This is what is listed as alternate to Google Notebook ()

  • SearchWiki – We recently launched a feature on Search that will let you re-rank, comment, and personalize your search results. This is useful when you’ve found some results on Google Search that were really perfect for your query.
  • Google Docs – If you’re trying to jot down some quick notes, or create a document that you can share with others,
  • Tasks in Gmail – For a lightweight way to generate a todo list or keep track of things, we recently launched.
  • Google Bookmarks – For a tool that can help you remember web pages that you liked and access them easily, You can even add labels to your bookmarks to better organize and revisit them.

Opera competing in web landscape

February 9, 2010 2 comments

Opera has always been innovative in terms of features but i don’t know why it does not well stands in terms of user base 😦

See some unique features of Opera 10.10

Opera Unite [Use applications to share content with others in a quick and easy way.]
Opera Unite is a new technology platform allowing you to share content directly with friends, without having to upload anything to a Web site. You can stream music, show photo galleries, share files and folders, or even host your own Web pages directly from your browser.

Opera Link [Synchronize your Speed Dial, bookmarks, notes and other useful data.]
Opera Link™ is a free service that enables data sharing between all your computers and devices. It can synchronize your bookmarks, Speed Dial entries, notes and other useful browser information, so they are available to you wherever you go.
The first time you use Opera Link, Opera synchronizes your browser data to an online server. Any change you make in your browser is also reflected on this server. When you log into Opera Link with a second Opera Browser, all browser data from the online storage is merged with the browser data already in the new browser. If you delete a bookmark in the second Opera browser, this bookmark will also automatically be deleted on the online server and all copies of Opera which are logged in to this Opera Link account.

Opera Turbo [Boost your speed with our powerful servers to compress Web pages, so you get them faster.]
Opera Turbo is a server-side optimization and compression technology that speeds up data transfer and reduces the amount of data that needs to be downloaded in order to view the page by up to 80%. Among other means, the compression is achieved by image down-sampling therefore some level of distortion in graphics may occur.

Visual tabs
Drag the handle underneath the tabs to reveal thumbnails of your open Web pages.

Customizable Speed Dial

Get easy access to your favorite sites every time you open a new tab. Choose the layout and the background you prefer.

Viewing Long Source Files – Eclipse

January 22, 2010 Leave a comment

I just noticed a very handy option of eclipse / my eclipse which helps to view selected area of code e.g class, method,
block and even statement.
This can help to increase your focus while you are working in long source code files

Watch below screen shot to see the difference.

I bet you will be more comfortable with you devlopment work after using this !

Organize your time while at work

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Organize your time while at work that is what we all need 😉

LeechBlock is a simple productivity tool designed to block those time-wasting sites that can suck the life out of your working day. (You know: the ones that rhyme with ‘Blue Cube’, ‘Pie Face’, ‘Space Hook’, ‘Hash Pot’, ‘Sticky Media’, and the like.) All you need to do is specify which sites to block and when to block them.

You can specify up to six sets of sites to block, with different times and days for each set. You can block sites within fixed time periods (e.g., between 9am and 5pm), after a time limit (e.g., 10 minutes in every hour), or with a combination of time periods and time limit (e.g., 10 minutes in every hour between 9am and 5pm). You can also set a password for access to the extension options, just to slow you down in moments of weakness!

Source: LeechBlock

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