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Some Useful Twitter Tools

April 27, 2009 Leave a comment

In this post I will discuss some useful application for using twitter in an embedded fashion. Link to these sites are given at end of each description. Special Thanks to Delimit Design

  • Just Tweet It
  • Twitter Patterns
  • Twitturly
  • Twitterrific
  • LessFriends
  • Twitter Mail
  • Twitter Feed
  • Snitter
  • TweetDeck
  • twhirl
  • EasyTweets
  • TwitterKeys
  • StrawPollNow
  • Quotably
  • Hashtags
  • Twemes
  • TweetBeep
  • TwitBin
  • Power Twitter
  • Yoono
  • Twitzer
  • TwitterFox
  • TwitKit
  • TwittyTunes

Twitter is one unique web service which is facilitating different people to connect with each other. People can check out what their loved ones are doing at any particular moment in time, and it also helps you to find new friends which have common interests, habits, likes, dislikes, etc. People made many Twitter tools that contains many innovative and thrilling ways to ass-on to the Twitter microbloggin experience . This makes your time on Twitter a pure joy, as these help people identify with others. This article will focus on explaining the cool tools that litterally & awesomely extend features offered by Twitter.

Just Tweet It

Just Tweet it offers you a wonderful opportunity to add your name, profile and other miscellaneous information about yourself. The profile created is added to a Twitter Directory which enables millions of people to view it, and make friends with others. Whether you are looking for people with similar occupation, religion, nationality, habits and interests, origin, or any thing that comes to your mind, you will not be disappointed. Link

Twitter Patterns

Colors and designs play an important role in catching the eye of the beholder. Just as we like to decorate our homes and business places, Twitter; our digital home, allows us to decorate and customize the way we view Twitter. There are many colorful and stylish patterns which have been made available to Twitter users. We can even upload images of our own home, as backgrounds. Link


Another recent addition to the Twitter add-ons is Twitturly, a service similar to Digg. Millions of people add their url links to Twitter and these links are grouped on the basis of popularity. Then these links are promoted on Twitturly, so that people find it even easier to find the links of their interests. If you want to make your blog known to millions of people then simply add your links to Twitter, and start using Twitturly. The links will be displayed and your blog will get absolutely free and instant promotion without spending a single penny. Link


Twitterrific is another feature on Twitter that allows the users to read and write posts about their interests, activities and anything about themselves. Twitterrific is extremely popular as people of different views and occupations indulge in discussions and debates about burning questions. Its clear and easy-to-use interface allows users to publish post without any taking any extra pains. It also takes the least space on your system, which makes it more popular. Link


This feature allows you to check if your contacts and friends on Twitter are also following you. By making full use of it, you can check what your friends are up to and you can remain up to date with their plans. Link

Twitter Mail

As soon as you register with Twitter by entering your personal data, Twitter provides you the service of a free e-mail account. You can send and receive private messages and stay in contact with your friends. Link

Twitter Feed

With Twitter Feed, Twitter allows you the opportunity to promote your personal blog automatically to millions of users of Twitter. This feature all on its own publishes your latest blog posts and entries on your Twitter account. Link


Snitter is an application developed on AIR-Adobe platform and is perfectly compatible with both Windows and Mac OSX. It allows you to publish a short message up to 140 words in which you can state what you are currently doing. It contains many unique features such as auto-update to your Twitter list, clears and refreshes tweet lists; receive syntax messages with a chirp and many more. Link


Further services provided by Twitter include TweetDeck which has been introduced to facilitate users of Twitter in the efficient viewing of all their Twitter information and feeds in a single application. The primary reason for this application was that the information on different Twitter add-ons tends to become bulky and haphazard. So, with TweetDeck, all of it is now easily available under one cyber application. Link


In order to further enhance the experience of its users Twitter also introduced Twhirl, which is another application which integrates the information of Twitter users from various Internet social websites. This application makes its users utilize the services of Twitpic, Seeismic, FriendFeed, etc., all with this unique application. Link


Twitter has also provided its users with the service of keeping track of multiple blogs with the help of EasyTweets. If you are running several blogs then this application helps you to instantly switch between Twitter accounts and also repy to posts. Link


TwitterKeys is an ancillary service provided by Twitter which helps its users to infuse life into their posts by using emoticons. It provides the users to express their feelings by choosing from a wide range of symbols and signs. Link


Now you can create your very own polls regarding any topics of your interest. StrawPollNow is the coolest and distinctive way of knowing what people feel about certain things. Link


Quotably helps Twitter users to find out things in posts made by others, which helps in quoting the right thing at the right time. It facilitates discussion between twitter users to a great extent. Link


We often need to search a specific topic, but fail to find relevant information, to eradicate this problem Twitter offers Hashtags which make it easier for us to search a specific topic in Twitter. Link


Twemes enables us to find out the most talked about tweets or messages throughout Twitter. It includes only those tweets which begin with hashtags “#”. Link


Tweetbeep is an amazing feature provided by Twitter, which lets you know whenever someone else tweets about you or about your blog. It provides hourly alerts whenever a stranger or a friend of yours mentions your name in his posts and conversation. Link


Are you a FireFox user? If yes, then you will truly love Twitbin which is an extension for Firefox. It enables you to instantly send and receive messages from your Twitter friends from within your web browser. Link

Power Twitter

Power Twitter is another useful plug-in for FireFox, as it greatly enables you to use embedded images from sites like Flickr and videos from Youtube within messages. Mapping and following of links is also quite easy with Power Twitter, but the list of its features goes on and on. Link


This feature has made the impossible possible, as it enables you to interact and share stuff with your friends who use multiple networks like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, iMeem, Flickr and many others. Link


Twitzer is another brilliant FireFox plug-in that allows you to write long messages on Twitter. It also safeguards your system as it resolves Tinyurls to rela links so that you stay away from unsafe links. Link


TwitterFox enables FireFox users to check if their Twitter friends are online or not by showing a small icon on task bar. You can even change your own status through a small text bar. Link


TwitKit is a FireFox sidebar that enables you to view multiple Twitter lists at a time. It is a six-paneled tab that allows you to view replies from friends, list of friends and their recent tweets, your user timelines and you account stats. Link


You can listen to your favorite songs; add your favorite sites, movies and books through TwittyTunes. Link